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jmc I Survived The Truth
I see the picture clearer now And the fog has lifted The wool you tried to pull over my eyes was clever Yeah, your gifted But you forgot to dot some I's and cross some T's along the way Im better now despite you baby I'm stronger these days, stronger I survived the crash, survived the burn Survived the worst, yeah baby but I learned Survived the lies, survived the blues Almost killed me but I survived the truth And when you wrote me off like I was doomed I survived you I can look in the mirror now It's been a slow awakening Haunted by a heart full of you I couldn't help mistaking That you could ever care for anyone Anyone but yourself, hey-yeah But you would have to have a conscience baby Good luck, I wish you well I survived the crash, I survived the burn Survived the worst, yeah baby but I learned Survived the lies, survived the blues Almost killed me but I survived the truth And when you wrote me off like I was doomed I survived you This hearts been torn in two Cut and bruised from too many bitter endings I'll be damned if I have thoughts of you Rain on my new beginning....
Age: 0
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Heinz 57 +
Location: North Charleston, SC
School: Academy of Art Col

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Yes, I survived the truth! I'm a survivor! As a child, when I learned that there was no true holiday Mascots (encase kids read this and don't know the truth yet, lets just use the word mascots), I survived. When society said there were houses with white picket fences, I survived the truth which is you're lucky if some people have a tent to live in. When Friendships that were suppose to be for a life-time, turned out to only be my judges-I survived! The truth is, they weren't my true Friends to begin with! When many a Lover departed, I survived the truth! They weren't my True Love. Though, if one day I should learn that there is no such thing as a one and only True Love, guess what? I'll survive that truth too, cause I am a Survivor! Are you?

I just joined this crazy wild wacky fun world of Whoopi Do! You, too, can be like me.

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To amuze myself and be amused!

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So many bunches of bananas & then some

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